Tuesday, August 24, 2010

99 red balloons go by

I had so much fun with this shoot! what a cute family. note the coordinating outfits, balloons and cupcakes. I cant take credit for that. Jozens wedding planning skills came in handy for this fun shoot!! Thanks guys, you did great. and thanks to my sista sadie for helping me! we definitely did NOT take half an hour to move the chair 40 feet because we were laughing so hard. nope.

I just had to put this picture in. Pia wasnt feeling this photo. I dont blame her, it was hot out. 

and this was when I asked them to give me their prettiest smile! i love it.

Right after Zoe named the balloons we had to let them go. I cant say they were stoked about it.

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  1. andrea!! we had such a grand time and i LOVE the photos!

    thanks for all your hard work :)