Monday, June 18, 2012

{a little about me}

I am not really one who likes getting my picture all. I'm not one to update my status everyday, or comment on everyone elses photos. Its just not me. Sometimes I wish it was me, I am sure it would help people get to know me, but it's just not. But I know how important it is for people to know a little bit about me (or at least know what I look like :)) before hiring me. So... this is me I guess!

So for those of you coming to shoots feeling silly or uncomfortable, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! dont worry, I will do my best to capture your personality in the photos. If you are one like me, who feels silly in front of the camera, then I will capture that! If you are confident and can melt the camera with your eyes, then I will capture that! The worst thing you could do is pretend to be somebody you are not in front of the camera. You want your photos to represent YOU. You want to look back at them, or your friends and family to look at them, and smile because they can hear your laugh or feel your smile. So own who you are and rock it in front of the camera.

My brother Ben Ball took these! He bought my old camera off me a little while ago, and from what I hear, hasn't been able to put it down. You might just be seeing more from him! oh and my sister Sadie was the creative eye :)

A little more about me..
First of all, I love the Lord. When I thought about getting into photography, I didn't really know how I was going to be able to glorify God through taking pictures. But it didn't take me long to realize that no matter what I am photographing, whether its a family or a wedding, it is Gods beautiful creation. I am simply capturing it so that others can appreciate it!

If you know me at all, you know that I love volleyball as well. I starting playing when I was 12 and played 5 years at TWU. I am done now, but I coach and love it too! And of course we still play in my parents backyard when we can :)

I got married last July to my wonderful husband Liam McAllister (yes my last name is no longer Ball). We live in Langley and are just enjoying the married life! 

I dont really know what else to say, except that if you want to ask me any questions or get to know me better, don't hesitate to email me!!


  1. You're so pretty, Love the picture with the apple :)

  2. Hey Ben- these are fabulous photos!

  3. Olá Andréa Ball,

    Pelo visto temos muitas coisas em comum, além do nome! Também me chamo Andréa Ball, moro no Brasil, em Curitiba e tenho paixão pela fotografia, porém não trabalho com isto! Também amo muito Deus e achei suas fotos belissímas! Devo conhecer os EUA em novembro, porém Las Vegas, bem distante de ti! Me adicione no facebook: Será um prazer conversar contigo!

    Sorry! My English is very, very bad!


    Andréa Ball