Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Shira & Gil} Wedding

       After this wedding, I realized that everyone MUST go to Jewish wedding at least once in their life. SO MUCH FUN! There were so many great traditions that seemed to make the day extra special. Shira and Gil have known each other for 17 years, and started dating in high school. No wonder their wedding was perfect, they've had while to plan :)

     This tradition is called the Bedecken. The groom gets escorted to the Brides room before the ceremony, where all the giddy women wait in anticipation. When he gets there, he puts the veil over the brides face to ensure she is the right bride walking down the isle. 


          When Shira and Gil entered the reception, the Hora took place. It was crazy..to say the least. All of the men grabbed Gil and the women snatched up Shira. Soon they were up on chairs in the air, Shira had an umbrella with ribbons and Gil was jumping over guys on the dance floor. Yep. Crazy. 

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